Dance examinations give dancers the opportunity to learn a challenging dance syllabus, to master it, and then show the fruits of their hard work in their examination.

Examinations document each dancers progress as a way to build confidence in the dancers ability. The examination will test the syllabus that is designed to cater equally for the ‘once a week’ child and the child who will go on to make dance his/her profession, either as a performer or as a teacher.

The work progresses through each level, building on the lessons previously learned as well as adding new skills such as musicality, artistry and technical execution.

Passing through the grades is a deeply gratifying thing for young dancers when the results of hard work is recognized by the establishment.

As a teacher there is no doubt that preparing for dance examinations develop strong dancers. Not only are they forced to work hard to achieve well, but they develop dedication and respect to themselves and their work – a required quality in society.

Gauteng Dance Studios is following the syllabus of the Independent Dance Federation (SA) in all styles.

IDF is the only registered federation in South Africa with a lyrical syllabus. IDF also stays with times and therefor re-evaluate and revise their syllabus work on a yearly base. This makes IDF students advanceds in all styles.

Gauteng Dance Studios start the year in January with basic warm up and technique classes and from February until May all students learn the syllabus on a weekly basis. All dance exams are done in May.